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ODISHA Current Affairs- September 2022

Check out September 2022 Month's edition of Odisha Current Affairs for the latest headlines from around the ODISHA! In this edition, we'll cover the latest in politics, business, Govt. projects &schemes, and more exclusively for OPSC, OAS, ASO, OMAS, UPSC IAS, e.t.c. Watch the video class and learn the probable questions and answers from one of the Top faculty at RAYACADEMY.

Topics Covered

  1. Odisha's Industrial Journey ( FDI and Make in Odisha)

  2. Odisha reports only one Wildlife Offence: NCRB Report

  3. Wildlife Crime Control Bureau( WCCB)

  4. Wildlife (Protection) Act in 1972

  5. 3700 Crocodiles Born in Bhitarakanika National Park

  6. CHHATA Scheme

  7. Surya Kiran Air Show in Odisha


  9. NITI-AAYOG Lauds Sundargarh

  10. MILLETS Mission

  11. ICDS

  12. Forest Martyrs Tower

  13. Naveen Patnaik: Lifetime Achievement award.

  14. QRSAM Missile Tests

  15. Ultimate Kho Kho: Odisha Juggernauts

  16. Agarnashi Island Disappears in Sea

  17. Olive Ridley Turtles

  18. KISS Wins UNESCO International Literacy Prise

  19. Sand Evacuation

  20. Archaeological Survey of India

  21. Akalabya Puraskar for Cyclist Swasti Singh

  22. Paperless Courts in all 30 Districts

  23. NALSA ( National Legal Service Authority)

  24. Cyclone Resilient Saline Embankment Project.

Download the Current affairs Magazin pdf:

Odisha Current affairs_ Sept. 2022
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