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National Turmeric Board (NTB): Empowering India's Turmeric Industry

Introducing the National Turmeric Board (NTB): In a significant stride towards the development and prosperity of India's vibrant turmeric industry, the Government of India has formally established the National Turmeric Board (NTB). This dedicated entity is poised to usher in transformative changes and enhancements in the turmeric sector.

NTB's Core Objectives:

  • The primary mandate of the National Turmeric Board is to foster the growth and progress of turmeric and its associated products within the nation.

  • A special emphasis will be placed on empowering turmeric growers through capacity building and skill development, enabling them to unlock the full potential of value addition.

  • NTB will champion the cause of quality assurance and food safety standards, advocating strict adherence to these benchmarks.

Composition and Structure:

  • The governing body of NTB will be composed of a Chairperson, appointed by the Central Government, who will lead the board's efforts.

  • Distinguished members from various governmental departments will contribute their expertise, including representatives from the Ministry of AYUSH, Departments of Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, and Commerce & Industry of the Union Government.

  • Senior representatives from state governments, rotating among three states, will actively participate in the board's activities.

  • Additionally, select national and state institutions engaged in research, as well as representatives of turmeric farmers and exporters, will play pivotal roles.

  • A Secretary, appointed by the Department of Commerce, will oversee the daily operations of the board.

  • The Ministry of Commerce will serve as the nodal department, providing essential funding and infrastructure support to NTB.

Unlocking the Potential of Turmeric (Curcuma longa):

  • Turmeric, scientifically known as Curcuma longa, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

  • Ideal conditions for its growth include well-drained red loamy soil in tropical areas with an annual rainfall of approximately 1500 mm and temperatures ranging from 20 to 35°C.

  • India proudly stands as the world's largest producer, consumer, and exporter of turmeric.

  • Leading turmeric-producing states include Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

In summary, the establishment of the National Turmeric Board represents a pivotal moment for India's turmeric industry. NTB's holistic approach, spanning cultivation, quality assurance, and market expansion, promises to elevate the prominence of this precious spice domestically and on the global stage. As India continues to lead in turmeric production and trade, NTB's initiatives will undoubtedly foster prosperity for farmers and bolster the nation's position as a turmeric powerhouse.

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