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Daily Current Affairs MCQs for UPSC IAS Prelims - 24 Mar 2023

Welcome to the RAYACADEMY Daily Current Affairs MCQs! Our focus is to provide you with engaging and informative questions that primarily revolve around current affairs, derived from reliable sources such as 'The Hindu', 'Indian Express', and 'PIB'. Our MCQs test your understanding of factual and conceptual knowledge, which is essential for cracking the UPSC IAS and State PCS prelim exams.

Below are some of Today's Current Affairs MCQs. We hope you make the most of this initiative and wish you all the best in your preparation.


Q1.Which of the following situations is NOT included in the grounds for disqualification of a lawmaker in India?

A) Holding an office of profit

B) Being of an unsound mind

C) Defection from a political party

D) Conviction in criminal cases

Answer: C

Explanation: Disqualification of a lawmaker is prescribed in three situations. The first situation is through Articles 102(1) and 191(1) for disqualification of a member of Parliament and a member of the Legislative Assembly, respectively. The grounds here include holding an office of profit, being of unsound mind or insolvent, or not having valid citizenship.

The second prescription of disqualification is in the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution, which provides for the disqualification of members on the grounds of defection. However, the question asks for a situation that is NOT included in the grounds for disqualification; hence, option C is the correct answer. The third prescription is under The Representation of The People Act (RPA), 1951, which provides for disqualification for conviction in criminal cases.

Q2.Which of the following events is observed as Shaheed Diwas?

A) The day India became a republic

B) The day India gained independence

C) The day Bhagat Singh was born

D) The day Bhagat Singh was hanged

Answer: D

Explanation: Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar, and S Rajguru were hanged on March 23, 1931, in the premises of the Lahore Jail, after being convicted in what came to be known as the ‘Lahore Conspiracy Case’. This day is observed as Shaheed Diwas (Martyr's Day) in India to pay homage to the sacrifice of these revolutionaries.

Option C is incorrect, as Bhagat Singh's birth anniversary is observed on September 28.

Q3.In the context of legislative procedures, what does "guillotine" refer to?

A) A method to delay the passage of a bill

B) A method to fast-track the passage of financial business

C) A method to reject a bill without a debate

D) A method to remove a member of Parliament

Answer: B

Explanation: In legislative parlance, "guillotine" refers to the process of bunching together and fast-tracking the passage of financial business in Lok Sabha during the Budget Session. During this process, all the outstanding demands for grants are put to the vote at once, and a time limit is set for discussion and voting. This process allows the Lok Sabha to complete the budgetary process within the stipulated time frame.

Q4.Which of the following statements is true about Bedaquiline?

A) It is used for the treatment of Malaria

B) It is used for the treatment of Cancer

C) It is used for the treatment of Multi-drug resistant TB

D) It is used for the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Answer: C

Explanation: Bedaquiline is a drug that is used in the treatment of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). MDR-TB is a form of tuberculosis that is resistant to the first-line drugs used to treat tuberculosis. Bedaquiline is an important drug in the treatment of MDR-TB patients for whom the first-line drug treatment has stopped working.

Q5.Which of the following statements is true about Trindade Island?

A) It is the westernmost point in Brazilian territory.

B) It is located about 1,140 km from the mainland of Brazil.

C) It is a man-made island created for military purposes.

D) It is the largest island in Brazil.

Answer: B

Explanation: Trindade Island has located about 1,140 km from the mainland of Brazil, making it the easternmost and most remote point in Brazilian territory. It surfaced owing to volcanic activity under the Atlantic Ocean about 3 million years ago.

Trindade is an important conservation and nesting spot for green sea turtles, and it hosts native seabirds like the Trindade Petrel and the great frigatebird, which are only found in the Indo-Pacific. The surrounding marine region also hosts species of sharks, dolphins, and corals.

Trindade is a protected area not inhabited by any humans except for a small Brazilian Navy Crew.

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