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  FREE OCS main answer writing  

Evaluate your answer for FREE

an initiative under our mission INSPIRE 100.

Test yourself before OPSC tests you.

What will you get for FREE?

You will get OPSC OCS level mock tests on General studies 1 &2, Essay. Total 3 Tests


How is the evaluation process?

Your answer will be evaluated by subject matter experts on the below parameters.

Structure: Introduction, Body, Conclusion and articulation

Content: Demand of question, examples, reports and quality of answer

Presentation: Flow of answer, diagram, neatness, handwriting, diagrams

Language & expression: Use of language with clear expression


How will this benefit you?

Mains answer writing is the key to rank in the OPSC OCS exam. These mock tests will help you to gauge your preparation level as well as the status of time and speed management. Our feedback & evaluation mechanism will help you in improving your answer writing.


How is the test conducted?

The tests is conducted online. After successful registration, you will be provided with an online portal to access the question paper. You need to upload your written answer to an online portal for evaluation.


Why is this FREE?

Ray Academy is a socially committed mission-driven educational organisation with its mission of producing 100 civil servants [Inspire 100] in 5 years time period aiming to develop a ‘breed of new administrative leaders in Odisha, who could act as change agents for transforming our Odisha state in social, economic and public administration fronts. This free initiative is a commitment to our mission.

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